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Masterclasses at apidays Singapore 

Enhance your apidays conference experience with these in-depth explorations of Platform Strategy & Engineering, API Strategy and Partner Strategy.

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Why a Masterclass?

Masterclasses provide a deep dive into a topic, delivered by distinguished speakers and about topics that help your API program and platform. 

What is a Masterclass?

Masterclasses are focused and small settings where the focus is on providing knowledge that makes a difference. For each masterclass, attendees will walk away with knowledge and insights that have a direct impact on their job. 

How it will help you

Much more than ideas, you will come out of a masterclass with improved skills, and a clear roadmap for how you can apply that skill in your organisation.

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Building Platforms:

Masterclass on Platform Strategy and Engineering

Platforms have become a hot topic recently, and for a good reason. They span a wide range of topics ranging from platform business models to the more technical side of developer and API platforms. In this masterclass you will learn how to boost developer productivity, best practice, service reliability and resilience with technology platforms. Understand the types and characteristics of platforms, engineering practices, and how to craft your platform strategy to build communities, support platform adoption and supercharge your organization.

Led by Erik Wilde,  API Strategist, author at O'Reilly, and Open API Initiative (OAI) Ambassador

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Unlock the Power of APIs:

Masterclass on Strategy and Monetization

Discover the secrets to leveraging APIs effectively in your business strategy with our comprehensive masterclass. Learn how to design, deploy, and manage APIs to drive innovation and maximize revenue streams. From crafting a robust API strategy to implementing successful monetization models, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the digital ecosystem.

Led by Mehdi Medjaoui, Founder of apidays, author at O’Reilly, and entrepreneur in the API economy.

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Scale Through Partners:

Masterclass on Building a Partner Ecosystem

Find out how to grow your business by leveraging your partners. Learn how to identify who else is serving your customers, attract your ideal partners, and create a compelling combined value proposition for your customers. From building an Ideal Partner Profile to implementing a Partner Program, this interactive masterclass equips you to build and scale your partner ecosystem.

Led by Jon Scheele, Founder of Blue Connector, and Organiser of apidays Singapore.

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