How we help you achieve your goals:

  • Extend your reach: We help you build partner and developer communities that amplify your capabilities.
  • Upskill your team:  We help you develop the skills to define your digital and partner strategy, streamline business processes, make data-driven decisions and manage your technology stack.
  • Hire key skills: We use our subject matter expertise and extensive network to help you find and select key team members.

Apply best practice

Partner Strategy

If you’re planning your first API development platform, or wishing your current one achieved its goals (more partners, more revenue, easier operations), consider the Scale Your Partner Strategy Workshop.

This workshop shows you how to create your partner roadmap, ideal partner profile and implementation approach. You’ll learn what partners want in your API / platform. How to recover the investment in your current platform with the minimum of effort and time. And how to avoid mistakes.

So that you’ll have an implementation roadmap that includes market attractiveness, proof points, key capabilities, stakeholder engagement, and risk/compliance requirements.

API Maturity assessment

Benchmark your platform capability to understand where to focus improvements to achieve best practice.

We assess your partner strategy, processes, technology stack and team skills across five dimensions:

  • Business alignment
  • Business value measurement
  • Partner enablement
  • Communications
  • API lifecycle management

We provide actionable recommendations to guide your capability roadmap.

Process excellence

We help you implement best practice standards, policies and processes for:

  • Partner and developer onboarding
  • Measuring business value
  • Managing the API lifecycle, from defining, creating, publishing, maintaining and retiring
  • Platform engineering
  • Partner and developer community outreach

Organise your business

Internal Developer Portal

Risk Management

Embracing new opportunities requires balancing agility with robustness, implementing guardrails to ensure continuity of operations, safeguarding your company’s and customers’ assets, and complying with regulations.

Businesses have rapidly digitised their customer engagement, operations, and linkages with partners and suppliers. While this has created opportunities, they have also exposed vulnerabilities, increasing the "cyber attack surface” for bad actors to exploit.

We show you how to balance agility and robustness, so that Risk is an accelerator for your business and not a handbrake.

Extend your reach

Partner ecosystem

The Scale Your Partner Strategy Workshop gives you a roadmap. We don't stop there. We help you make your partner strategy a reality.

We work with you to take your Ideal Partner Profile, engage potential partners to craft win-win value propositions for you, your partners, and your shared customers.

We apply a step-by-step framework to establishing your partnering capability. We also foster your team's ability to grow and nurture your partner ecosystem.

Developer community

In this highly digitised business environment, developers are increasingly making decisions that can determine whether your services are used. Getting them to use your products and services takes more than simply publishing an API and "throwing it over the wall".

We help you engage your developer community so they understand what your services are, how they help developers achieve their goals, and how to effectively use them.


Events are a great way to find and engage your target customers and partners.

We help you communicate with your audience through in-person and online conferences, workshops, roundtables and meetups.

Our community comprises technology professionals at all levels:

  • VP Engineering & Application Development
  • Enterprise Architects, Program Managers
  • Solution Architects, Developers, Engineers

Upskill your team

Open APIs in your industry

Digitisation and customer behaviour is changing your industry. Your team needs to understand what it takes to be successful in this new environment.

We have designed and delivered courses on Open Banking / Open Finance for banks and regulators, and Open APIs in Telecoms.

For example, the Open Banking for Corporate Banks course will equip you with the skills to:

  • Understand the key shifts affecting banks’ relationship with their enterprise customers
  • Identify and assess use cases for Open Banking
  • Develop an Ideal Partner Profile
  • Partner with your enterprise customers solution providers to optimise processes and deepen engagement
  • Build your institution’s Open Banking capability

Platform engineering

With more of your business relying on the availability, performance and security of your technology platforms, the disciplines of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) are evolving into Platform Engineering.

The Platform Engineering course equips your team to:

  • Identify key platforms in their organisation
  • Assemble practices and toolchains to support shared services
  • Automate processes for provisioning and deploying applications
  • Define an Internal Developer Portal to aid developer onboarding and knowledge management
  • Manage and monitor platform usage, availability, security and performance
  • Manage platform data

Build an Internal Developer Portal

Tailored training

Have a specialised training need?

We work with you to identify your team's skill needs, and design, develop and deliver training to close the skill gaps.

Hire key skills

Team design

Using our expertise in applying technology best practices, we help you design your optimal team structure to support your business. We work with you to identify skill gaps that cannot be filled by training alone, and help you craft roles and job descriptions that you can take to market.


Through our community activities, we identify top professionals with the specialised skills and behaviours that you need.


With our deep understanding of the technical disciplines you are hiring, we are uniquely placed to advise on candidate shortlisting and selection.

Ready to grow and strengthen your business?

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