Building Platforms:

Platform Strategy and Engineering Masterclass

Learn how to boost developer productivity, best practice, service reliability and resilience with technology platforms.

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Platforms have become a hot topic recently, and for a good reason.

On the one hand, we all see the success of platform business models, and while only few organizations are pure platforms, understanding the model and becoming a bit more "platformy" can make a big business impact.

On the other hand, platform engineering has shown how organizations increasingly have to think about how to improve their delivery speed and scale.

Developer platforms and API platforms are two delivery patterns that every organization should think about today.

Who's it for?

  • Platform and Program Managers
  • VPs of Application Development
  • VPs of Engineering
  • API Developers looking for scaling their practices
  • Architects
  • Platform and DevOps engineers

What you will learn

  • The three types of platforms
  • Understanding the impact of platforms on your business model
  • How platforms help with scaling and speed
  • Build it and they may not come: Platforms as Products
  • Organizational aspects of managing your platform
  • Platform engineering as an emerging discipline 

Bonus Resource

Included in the Masterclass is a copy of Gregor Hohpe’s new book “Platform Strategy: Innovation Through Harmonization” which covers most of the topics discussed in the class. 

Platform Strategy: Innovation Through Harmonization

Your Guide

Erik Wilde, Co-Author of “Continuous API Management”, API Catalyst & Creator of “Getting APIs to Work” Youtube channel


Erik Wilde is an experienced and internationally known professional in the space of digital transformation and API management.

Erik is the author of many articles and papers, various books, multiple standards, and regularly speaks at conferences around the globe.

His "Getting APIs to Work" channel on YouTube is a place where developers, IT professionals, product managers, and digital leaders get regular updates about technologies, tools, events, standards, and the global API community.

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The Platform Strategy and Engineering Masterclass is part of the apidays Singapore conference on 17 & 18 April 2024.

Learn how to plan and implement your Platform Strategy. 

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