Join the Sustainable Digital Challenge at apidays Singapore 2024

3 months to learn key principles and best practices on sustainable design, architecture and code

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The Sustainable Digital Challenge has been run by apidays and partners in France since 2021. In 2024 we are bringing this innovative programme to Singapore.

What is the Challenge about?

We demystify Digital Sustainability

  • Understand which actual practices are causing the maximum environmental impact
  • Match current eco-design best practices benefits with current organizations problematics
  • Identify new practices and engage stakeholders enabling the sustainable digital ecosystem to grow
  • Communicate wider on making digital technologies sustainable among the developer, architect and designer/product communities

The Sustainable Digital Challenge SG2024 is powered by

The leading series of conferences on the business and technology of APIs, building blocks of the digital economy

Training and advisory to build your firm's digital capabilities. Co-organiser of apidays Singapore

Our network of advisers and subject matter experts on Sustainable IT

Who can join?


Multi-disciplinary teams (designers, architects, developers, product managers)


A digital project (cloud or not) on which we will be able to apply the principles of eco-design


January to April 2024


To learn, to share, to meet the community


October /
November 2023

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January 2024
Challenge Kick-off

Challenge begins with teams and mentors assembling to commence their projects.

January / February /
March 2024

Teams will have access to a dedicated mentor and will be invited to join 3 workshops during the challenge.

April 2023

Teams present their findings at apidays Singapore, 17-18 April 2024

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